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Are Past Lives To Blame For Some Of Today’s Ailments ?

Are Past Lives To Blame For Some Of Today’s Ailments ?

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Are Past Lives To Blame For Some Of Today’s Ailments ?

There is a lady from Surrey who raves about her miracle cure. In her sixties this lady suffered crippling migraines which struck every month and lasted for three days at a time. After trying every treatment available , this lady tried past-life regression therapy. This involved being hypnotised to ‘recover’ what therapists believe are subconscious memories of past lives or incarnations.

Many people ridicule the idea that we have all been here before, and scientists scoff at the notion.

This lady underwent regression and saw herself as a fourteen year old boy wearing a loincloth. She new instinctively that it was South America around 200 years ago. She could see her hut, she was starving and carrying a bow and needed to catch something to eat. Then

she went back to when she was two. She was sitting by a fire when an ember flew into her eye. Then she was fourteen again and realised she had lost her right eye, the eye which she had searing pain with the migraines. After her session her migraines gradually disappeared until she was pain free.

But exponents of past- life regression therapy believe ‘accessing’ our different lives from previous eras is not only possible, but could hold the key to solving the problems we experience in this life.

Recently, an increasing number of hypnotists who specialise in regression have started to market their therapies as ‘cures’ for psychical ailments, including migraines, skin complaints and IBS. These, they claim, are a manifestation of our subconscious holding on to traumas we experienced in other lives, and as such, we can be helped to let them go.

At the moment there is no formal qualification and anyone can claim to be a regression therapist. Costs vary and a typical fee for a couple of hours is around £150.

Psychologist Dr Max Blumberg a research fellow at the University of London, has, however warned that the therapy could be dangerous for some. ‘If people’s anxiety is making them ill and it alleviates that stress and they feel better, that’s great,’ he says.

But anxiety has always been a motivator for us to change elements of our lives, and if we cope with our stress using illusory solutions such as past-life therapy, we’re not actually dealing with the real problems. If you have a disease like cancer and you’re using regression therapy when you should be having chemotherapy, then that could be very dangerous indeed.

Whatever the scientists say hundreds of people believe regression therapy is little short of a miracle cure.