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The Petrol Cap Ghost

The Petrol Cap Ghost

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My services as a medium clairvoyance and psychic were called for to solve the petrol cap ghost.

Some years ago I was called to a three bed roomed semi detached house in Derby. The new owners had strange things going on and were really nervous. They were just a normal couple in their forties.

They told me that when they were in bed they would both wake around midnight and hear footsteps on the stairs. The stairs had carpet on but it was as if there was no carpet down. Also the shower would suddenly turn on in the middle of the night and work men found no explanation for this.

In the kitchen was a dresser and the salt and pepper had shot off the shelf onto the floor, which was weird because if they had fallen off they would have fallen on top of the dresser but they shot out about eighteen inches onto the floor.

The latest problem was in the integral garage that was accessed through the house. The petrol cap disappeared from the car. The couple searched high and low, but could not find it. Finally they walked up to the garage and bought another. When they entered the garage there was the original petrol cap sat on the boot. Hence they asked me to visit.

Being a medium I could see a little plump lady with black curly hair and a gentleman who was also small balding with glasses, when I described them the couple said that a couple of that description had lived there years ago, but were now both in the spirit world.

I could also see a tall man in his thirties and described him. The couple had bought the house from him. I could see him doing a lot of decorating and renovations. They said that he had done a lot to the house.

I felt the couple who had lived there years ago were worried and did not like all this change to their home, so had made their feelings felt by the strange things that were happening in the house. Which I might add is quite common, when a lot of change is made to a building.

I spoke mentally to the elderly couple that had lived there and told them their house was being looked after and it was time for them to now move on. After I spoke to them a cupboard door was slammed in the same room that we were all in and made us all jump.’ What was that?’ asked the man of the house. ‘Well I said, do you know when you send a child to bed and they don’t want to go, they slam the door. Well as a clairvoyant I am telling you that was your couple of visitors leaving for good’ and it was, they did not have any trouble again.

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