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Psychic Sees Bomb In A Tree

Psychic Sees Bomb In A Tree

bomb treePsychic Sees Bomb In A Tree

Some years ago I was asked to go to a local pub on a quiet night and do some private face to face clairvoyant , psychic, medium, readings to draw people in to the Pub.

I remember a little old lady with a black coat came over to me. She said that she had never had a reading and would I do one for her. I said that of course I would and she sat down. I decided that I would start off with a tarot spread and would tell her anything else that I could clairvoyantly as the information came in.

Before I could start a strange thing happened. I described what I could see to the lady. I felt that I was in an aeroplane then, I qualified this by explaining that it was not an ordinary plane. I felt that I was in the war and that the plane was a bomber. Then I told her that I could see a bomb realised and it was making a whistling noise and that it was heading straight towards her house. I then said I could see a tree appear.

This lady was struck dumb and just stared at me. I thought she must think that I am cracker’s as I did not know what it meant, I just repeated what I saw. The lady finally spoke and said ‘I cannot believe what you have just said’. She proceeded to tell me that during world war two a bomb had dropped into a tree that was between her back door and the outside toilet. It was an enormous thing, and had lodged in the tree and not gone off. Everyone was evacuated and it was successfully defused and her house was still standing when she came back. I went on to give her a good reading and she was really satisfied.

You might ask yourself why would a clairvoyant pick up such an incident. Maybe it’s to prove to you that there is such a thing as clairvoyance. Or maybe its proof that if you can pick up the past then surely you can predict the future.

I would be glad of your comments.

Estra Lane