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The Major Arcana Tarot

The Major Arcana Tarot

                                             The Major Arcana

Whenever tarot is spoken about, most people think of the Major Arcana. The pictures on these 22 cards are well known in most parts of the world, through being featured in countless films and books, whenever psychics or Tarot are part of a storyline. They rank equally in the mind with the crystal ball, as a symbol of psychic ability. Although not usually used to predict the details of general happenings as the Minor Arcana of the Tarot deck are, the rich and often ornate illustrations of the Major Arcana, usually describe more important points and changes in a typical Tarot reading. Below, I’ve listed a quick general meaning of each of these remarkable cards:


RWS Tarot 51 Fool  0 THE FOOL You will be tempted to go completely off the rails.


RWS Tarot 30 Magician  1 THE MAGICIAN Success is coming for you very soon.


RWS Tarot 31 High Priestess  II THE HIGH PRIESTESS Secret s will soon be revealed.


RWS Tarot 32 Empress  III THE EMPRESS Your work is going to pay off, a fruitful period awaits.


RWS Tarot 33 Emperor  IV THE EMPEROR A powerful strong person will help you.


RWS Tarot 34 Hierophant  V THE HEIROPHANT A chance of a committed relationship around you.


RWS Tarot 35 Lovers  VI THE LOVERS Love and happiness is on the way.


RWS Tarot 36 Chariot  VII THE CHARIOT There will be difficulties that you can overcome.


RWS Tarot 37 Strength  VIII THE STRENGTH You can use your power and will to overcome situations which otherwise may overcome you.


RWS Tarot 38 Hermit  IX THE HERMIT A period of waiting before things start to flow.


RWS Tarot 39 Wheel of Fortune  X WHEEL OF FORTUNE Money is steady in the near future.


RWS Tarot 40 Justice  XI JUSTICE The possibility of signing legally binding document.


RWS Tarot 41 Hanged Man  XII THE HANGED MAN Your intuition will guide you the way.


RWS Tarot 42 Death  XIII DEATH There will be endings in your life and new beginnings.


RWS Tarot 43 Temperance  XIV TEMPERANCE Be moderate, economic and use your patience at this time.


RWS Tarot 44 Devil  XV THE DEVIL An anxious upsetting time around you.


RWS Tarot 45 Tower  XVI THE TOWER Domestic situations will need your attention.


RWS Tarot 46 Star  XVII THE STAR Life picking up and you will soon see light at the end of the tunnel.


RWS Tarot 47 Moon  XVIII THE MOON You will have to break through the barrier of fear and insecurity which surrounds.


RWS Tarot 48 Sun  XIX THE SUN Complete fulfilment coming your way, grab it with both hands.


RWS Tarot 49 Judgement  XX JUDGEMENT A balanced outcome to anything legal.


RWS Tarot 50 World  XXI THE WORLD Expect a successful outcome with expectation of travel and change around you.