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The Psychic Baby Prediction

The Psychic Baby Prediction

what not to ask a pregnant woman       The Psychic Baby Prediction

Some years ago when I was a midwife a lady came to me for a psychic, clairvoyant and mediumship reading. I started off doing a tarot reading for her. She was about 26 years of age and she worked in a prison.

During the reading I picked up, that she would have a baby. She told me that was not possible as she had been told by the medical profession that she could not have children. I told her that I could see her clairvoyantly holding a baby in her arms and it had black curly hair and weighed seven and a half pounds and it was a boy.

I also said to her that she was definitely going to have a baby in some way as I could see this clearly.

I also predicted that it would be October that she would have this baby.

Two years later, I visited the Maternity Hospital that I worked for, to visit one of my patients. It was a four bedded ward. I turned right into the ward to greet the patient whom I had delivered the day before. I heard my name called and turned round and a young lady with long brown hair in the bed opposite was gesturing for me to go over to her. I stood at the end of the bed and saw she was holding a baby in her arms. She said ‘you don’t remember me do you? I said ‘no’. She said ‘ you predicted that I would have a baby in October’. It was October by the way. ‘You said it would be a boy and would weigh seven and a half pounds and have black curly hair and here he is ! ‘

So that was a really nice day for me, as this lady had desperately wanted a family and now she had got what she had always dreamed about.

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