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Ghostly But True

Ghostly But True

leica43                  Ghostly But True

In the summer of 1977, my brother David and I were watching a lightning storm over Holloman Air Force Base in southern New Mexico. We were upstairs in our room facing the airfield some 2 miles distant. Suddenly, an emerald green dome of light appeared in the sky. We both looked at each other, jaws open wide in amazement.

This dome was at least a thousand feet high, a perfect semi-circle of the most intense green light I have ever seen. It lasted for at least 30 seconds and was gone as suddenly as it had appeared. My brother went to the stairs, intent on telling my father. I was still in the room, lingering in the hope of seeing it again. What I did see still sends chills up my spine……

My sister had left a small plastic doll on the top bunk as a joke earlier and to my horror it came to life, hovering about two inches off the bed. I was paralysed, I recall the inability to move, my throat unable to utter a sound. The doll floated from one end of the bed to the next, it’s damn eyes flashing the same green as the phenomenon.

I was too young for hallucinations, this really happened. As the doll settled, I was free of my paralysis and bolted downstairs. Strangely, I felt less like telling my parents the closer I got. I either felt I would be ridiculed or just didn’t believe it myself. Apparently my brother felt the same way, he never said anything to my parents. My memory of this incident is still strong, something very strange happened that night on that Air Force base and I saw it.