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Would You Like To Improve Your Psychic Ability ?

Would You Like To Improve Your Psychic Ability ?

188894 1005986509209 5736 nWould you like to Improve your Psychic Ability ?

One of the best ways to improve your psychic ability, clairvoyance and your mediumship is for you to simply join a circle. You can do this by getting your local paper and look for your local Spiritual Church. They usually have a circle that you can join and attend on a regular basis.

Normally you all sit in chairs which form a circle. A medium will normally be in charge of the session. He or she will normally take you through a little relaxation and meditation, then each of you will share with the rest of the circle what you have experienced.

It is informal and friendly and you will make new friends and socialise more, and you will find that your psychic ability will improve as time goes by. The advantage of a circle is that you can ask questions and have things explained to you.

The first time I sat in a circle many years ago I shared my experience with the rest and told them that I could see huge horses snorting and load noises and that I could see what looked like milk churns. I was mystified.

The medium taking the session laughed and explained ‘Oh that makes sense the church was built on the site of an old Co op Milking Factory!’

So that was the start of many happy hours I experienced in a circle. My clairvoyance and psychic ability came on in leaps and bounds.

They also taught healing and this also started my interest in this field.

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