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Candle Magic

Candle Magic

candles-ghost-detectionCandle Magic Do You Believe It ?

Well a lot of people do believe in candle magic. It should be carried out with no unpleasant wishes for anyone else and no negative thoughts to be directed to others in any way. I myself sometimes light a candle when it is quiet and within ten minutes the phone is ringing from family friends and work! It is amazing, how it does work every time. How does this work, what makes lighting a simple candle direct others to contact me?

I should be interested to here your views about candle magic.




Monday Harmony and fertility

Tuesday Strength and courage

Wednesday Commitment and travel

Thursday Luck and fortune

Friday Relationship love and romance

Saturday Clearing negativity

Sunday Health

RED is for passion energy and success.

ORANGE is for stimulation courage creativity and prosperity.

YELLOW is for charging mental strength and is also for travel.

GREEN is for fertility harmony and peace in relationships.

LIGHT BLUE is for healing spiritual harmony and peace

DARK BLUE is to remove obstacles and problems.

PURPLE is for good luck fortune and also for legal matters.

PINK is for friendship luck love and romance and for loyalty.

BLACK and WHITE are classed as neutral colours and can be used for any day, and also used to lift depression and negativity around you.

Choose a candle to suit you, anoint the candle with your own perfume.

For instance, if you would like romance to come into your life you would choose a pink candle. Then look at the days above, which day would be best. Friday is the day above from the table that is best for romance. So on a Friday with your pink candle in front of you write down your goal.

For instance that you want to attract a loving relationship to come into your life. After writing down your wish you then sit in front of the candle and light it.

You then sit in front of the candle for as long as you feel comfortable and at the same time visualise your wish as the candle burns down.

Only wish for anything good not for anything bad. When you are ready, fold up your piece of paper that you have written down your wish on and burn it in the candle till it burns away. Bind your spell with a suitable incantation for instance.

“I call on earth to heed my spell

air to speed each passage well.

As bright as fire this spell will glow.

deep as tide as waters flow.

May my spell be done.”

Or you can make up your own incantation but whatever you say, say it with feeling in it.