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Have You Seen The Light?

Have You Seen The Light?


Close Campus light beemingHave You Seen The Light?

It was 1st April many years ago. My grand daughter was just six months old. My father had been ill for a few years and now he was unable to communicate. He was really ill and had been receiving total bed care for some time he had been semi conscious for the last few days. I was very concerned about him.

On this particular Monday morning I had a strong urge to go and visit my father. I normally visited him a few times a week anyway but I knew that it would be more awkward taking the baby with me but felt I had to go. I asked my son who was fifteen to come with me to look after my grand child whilst I saw my father.

We arrived at the Residential Home about mid morning and my son took my granddaughter to see the elderly ladies in the day room whilst I visited my father.

He had a single room in which a few of his personal possessions were displayed photographs, pictures on the wall and a lovely hand made patchwork quilt was on his bed.

He still appeared to be in a coma and as I looked at him to my amazement saw the most beautiful rich golden light which was about eighteen inches high and all around my fathers head and shoulders it also stretched to about half way down his body.

It was the most wonderful sight the rich gold light shimmered glowed and appeared to be radiating towards the ceiling.

I felt in awe of this beautiful sight and could not take my eyes off it. I somehow knew that my father would shortly pass away and felt only excitement for him. I felt that something wonderful was about to happen.

I had to take the children home but before I left I asked the staff to let me know of any change in my father’s condition as he had been in his present condition for about a week.

A few hours later I was talking to a friend my mobile was on the table in front of me. I suddenly said to her that my father had just died and the phone would ring in a second, which it did. It was the nurse telling me my father had passed away it had been so sudden that she had not had time to tell me so that I could go in to be with him. She had literally just walked out of the room and rang me from the phone opposite his room as soon as he had passed away.

Within an hour I heard my father calling my name. I was surprised and asked him what was wrong as he had urgency in his voice. I have left you some money he said. I told him not too worry and go peacefully. I explained that his money had gone and that it did not matter. He was agitated and again repeated there was money. I reassured him and agreed with him so that he would go peacefully.

The next morning my brother rang he lived abroad he had told me the previous week that all my fathers money had gone on his care.

However when I spoke to him he told me that the social services had made a mistake and that they owed us several thousand pounds, so my father had been right.

I eventually bought a gold watch with some of the money and whenever I look at it I am reminded of my father.

When I spoke to the vicar who arranged the funeral I told him about the gold light around my father the day he died and he said quite casually oh that was just the soul leaving the body I see it all the time.


Estra Lane , Psychic,Medium,Clairvoyant.