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Do You Believe In The Spirit World?

Do You Believe In The Spirit World?

138600324 homepage featureDo you believe in the spirit world?

As you gaze up at the stars on a peaceful night, you realise that you are not alone on this earth. Someone seems to be peeking right back at you from up there. Guardian angels maybe?

The spirit world is an entirely different world that exists out there. Do you believe in the spirit world? This question is very much like- do you believe in magic? Well, doesn’t everyone? Spirit boards, moving numbers and angels all relate to the spirit world and various realms. Just because it may be invisible, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist!

Everyone always has questions about spirits and about the world in which they exist.While some, simply push aside the fact that there is a different world out there or humans to move onto. Some people however have communicated with spirits and some are pure spiritualists,

who fully believe in the power that the spirit world exudes.These are just some facts and stories that exist and have been told by different sources.

Entering the Spirit World

While you may consider yourself a human being, you are indeed a spirit in human form that was sent down to Earth. And when it is time for you to leave, you go from the human to the astral and then to the spirit form and only then that you are fully accepted into the spirit world. There is always a part of our body and mind that belongs to the spirit world, but there is a reason that God has made the human body how it is when we exist as humans. When we turn into spirits, it is almost the same form but with a lightness like no other.

Guardian Angels

The thought of transcending into the spirit world can be a little daunting for a minute. But then again, there are guardian angels and spirit guides who will always be there to guide you, especially when you are new. Angels are sent especially to guide you through it all, with messages and instructions from God himself.

A little more on Spirit Guides

Have you ever felt like someone always seems to have your back? Or just when you are about to commit a crime or do something bad, there is some sort of force stopping you? These are your wonderful Spirit Guides who always try and keep you in the right track, doing whatever it takes to do so. Spirit guides, in fact, have been assigned to you ever since you were born into Earth as a human being, and stay with you throughout life.

So what do spirits do when they’ve reached the Spirit World?

Spirits have stepped into a world which is very different from the human world. They are now satiated just by a dip in the water, or by reading our prayers and most importantly by imparting service to whoever they can. That is their sole purpose and mission, and they do that with a lot of fervour and intensity.

So, now when we ask you the same question- do you believe in the spirit world? Would your possible answer be a yes?