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Reasons Guys are Afraid to Commit

Reasons Guys are Afraid to Commit

man-runningReasons Guys are Afraid to Commit

1. He Still Wants To Play The Field
Once a guy commits, he will lose the right to date other women. Most guys try to hang on to this as long as possible, especially when they are not sure what they are looking for.

2. Girls Grow Up Faster Than Boys
“Committing” means “growing up” to some guys. And a lot of us guys don’t want to grow up, or they want to delay the process of growing up as long as possible. Commitment is a sign of maturity, and some guys are simply too immature to commit.

3. There’s Someone Else
It’s hard for a guy to commit to one woman if he’s got others on his mind– imagine trying to commit if you had a couple of guys on your mind.

4. He’s Got Other Priorities
In life, it’s tough to balance love, family, work, etc. If there are things in his life that demand more attention than his love life, he’ll commit to the other stuff and deal with love when he can.

5. He’s Got Baggage/Afraid of Intimacy
Maybe he’s had a bad experience with a past girlfriend, or he’s a child of divorce. Unresolved problems in his past can prevent him from committing.

6. He’s Afraid It Won’t Work Out
Committing involves risk. You are essentially taking a plunge, and investing energy in the relationship. Some people feel that it’s not worth a try unless it’s 100% certain it will work out. But, you can never really be that sure of things, and that unknown keeps some people from committing.

7. None Of His Friends Have Committed
Most guys want to commit eventually, but they don’t want to be the first one amongst their friends, and there is respect among guys for the last single guy in the group.

8. He’s Only In It For The Sex
Sadly, some guys are just out to conquer women. Keep a close eye on things so you’re not a victim. Usually, if you have a gut feeling that this is the case, you are right.

9. He’s Still “Selfish”
Committed relationships are acts of selflessness. We are giving ourselves and our time and energy to one another. Someday we all get less selfish with our time.

10. He’s Not Into You Enough To Commit
Most of the reasons a guy won’t commit have to do with the guy. But he may see you as a fun person to date, but never thought of you as someone he’d commit to in the end. It’s tough to swallow when this is the situation, but sometimes it’s easier to resolve it in your mind this way and move on.

11. You’re Pressuring Him Too Much To Commit
If he’s going to commit, let him come to that moment on his own. If you continue to bring it up, he may become bitter and annoyed at the whole thought of it. You’d rather him come to the decision to commit naturally on his own, and not because he was pressured to do so anyway.
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