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How To Know If You Are Psychic

How To Know If You Are Psychic

Mystical Pyramid by xniHow to know if you are Psychic

Through regular practice psychic abilities are awakened within you, and to test yourself whether you have attained these skills certain methods have to be followed and understand which are given here under:

Focus your thoughts

To test whether you have become a psychic, the first step would be to focus your thoughts and frame picture about something of your taste and wish. It may be anything like flower, favourite colour, Gods etc. Meditate by taking deep breaths and focus your thoughts on these favourites every day. This practice would develop your psychic ability and you will achieve the complete picture of your thoughts gradually.


Ability of Intuition

This skill of Intuition is present in every person and it has to be awakened through regular exercise of psychic abilities. It is a prediction about events that may take place in your life either in the future or in the present. It is a method of internal communication in a person and it is acquired through prior experiences, events etc that the person might have come across in their life.

Technique of Telepathy

If you can predict thoughts and emotions of an unknown person who may be living in a different region or place, it is referred to as Telepathy. This experience confirms that you have attained psychic abilities and has become a psychic.


By clairvoyance, it means having or possessing ‘sixth sense’ or ‘third eye’. A psychic can see an event that may happen in future and this ability would be gained only through proper psychic exercises like meditation etc.


If anyone is capable of acquiring information from their inner mind, then they are known as clairaudient. It is possible through concentration and meditation techniques, etc.

All these features help to identify that you are a psychic and can foresee the future thereafter. Some people have the capability of hearing whispers in their ears. They receive information from voices which help them to behave like psychics and it is similar to chats with normal person but in this case the person who gives information is not visible. A psychic can hear celestial voices, and music which they would not have ever experienced in their life time. In Hollywood movie ‘Knowing’ this aspect of whispering in ears has been shown through a child who note down the whispers she hears through numbers that predict unforeseen events in future. Intuition and psychic abilities should be put to proper use and good activities. It should not be used for harming others. Some people have the supernatural power of contacting paranormal forces like ghosts which try to tell their experiences in netherworld through a ‘medium’.

The above mentioned facts confirm that a person is fully psychic as these features including that of experiencing paranormal activity is not present in a normal person. When put to good aspects, psychic ability is always a boon or gift to a psychic as they make them unique and different from a normal human being.