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Crystal Ball History And Features

Crystal Ball History And Features

ballCrystal ball history and features

Crystal ball history can be traced back to the medieval period and said to have been originated in European region. Fortune tellers use crystal balls as a source object to predict about the future. Some people had real powers while most of them have just faked their prediction. If some of their words have actually happened accidentally it will be related to their prediction and will be considered that it happened as the predictor said. Crystal ball is one of the most popular forms of scrying.

Scrying is a term referred to the act of looking inside a crystal ball or any other translucent material and predicting things that only the person gazing it can see. It is referred that persons possessing spiritual visions get such visions. Scrying is believed and followed in many cultures across the world. It is believed that it can be used to predict present or past. Scrying is carried out in several mediums like stone, glass, fire, smoke and water but the most commonly used medium is crystal ball. Crystal ball is used as a divination tool as well. The medium used for scrying is usually cleansed either physically or ritually or as per the practice of the person who predicts. This is used to clear the things that were previously gazed using that crystal.

The method of scrying using crystal is referred as crystallomancy. Use of crystal for predicting present past and future of a person has been referred in history. This has played an important role in making decisions that were of great importance. King Arthur had approached and sought the advice and prophecies of a magician named Merlin. Even in recent crystal ball history crystal gazing has been referred. Nancy Regan wife of Ronald Regan the president had gone for the advice of psychics in order to make decisions about her husband’s foreign and domestic affairs.

The earliest reference of using crystal ball history for scrying is taken back to the time of druids. At that time beryllium aluminium silicate was used instead of crystal. Beryl was a natural gem stone which was transparent like the modern crystal balls. Some of them were translucent in nature. Such natural stones which were used for scrying or crystal gazing were termed as stones of power by Scottish highlanders. The transparent nature and their regular pattern is the main characteristics that made such crystals to be used for scrying. Earlier beryl was used to make crystal balls later crystal rocks were used to make crystal balls. Symmetry in crystal balls that is transparent materials are uniform making them apt for scrying and viewing future past and present. The energy fields and levels vary from one object to another that is used for seeing the future. Several stage magicians have also used crystal balls. In this case magicians use it to answer the questions that are put forth by the audience. Claude Alexander was the famous crystal gazer in the 20th century he was often called as Alexander the crystal seer.