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Commitment, Attraction And Closeness Three Factors Of Love And Relationship

Commitment, Attraction And Closeness Three Factors Of Love And Relationship

stock-footage-two-lovers-separating-their-handsCommitment, attraction and closeness three factors of love and relationship

Love is a beautiful feeling it can occur in any kind of relationship be it with parents, siblings, children, pets or any other relationship. It is an intense feeling it can be felt and reciprocated. IT depends more on belief just like worshipping god. Love is a feeling where you will be longing for the company of the other person. It gives you a secure feeling and makes you feel that you are important for someone and that particular person is concerned about you. The love and affection differs from one person to another love for your mother or father will differ from the love for your brother or sister. Love and relationships are interconnected there will be love between every kind of relation but the level of love and way of expression varies.

The love that occurs in your teenage will be unforgettable. It may develop to be a long held relationship which may end in marriage or sometimes may break up in the middle due to misunderstanding. It is important to differentiate between true love and sexual attraction. You may have a friend very close to you but you will restrict your feelings with just sharing personal stuff and other things. But to a person you love you may be attracted by physical means as well. There are several relationship that have started with friendship and ended up in love and eventually in marriage.

Understanding is an important thing in all kind of relationships. Love and relationships have one thing in common closeness and commitment. You may be close to a number of persons but you may love only one whom you feel as the most important part of your life. Closeness without physical attraction refers to friendship. While closeness and attraction together means love. Mere physical attraction may be referred as infatuation or crush. Some relationships start from attractions and then understanding and closeness develop. Some other kind of relationships start with understanding and later on attraction develops this kind starts from friendship and then end in love and relationships.

Commitment Is another important thing. Several people do not take relationships seriously. They just hang out with one person and as time moves change it to other person. This kind of relationship does not have commitment. In order to carry forward a feeling of love to relationship and marriage depends upon the commitment between the couples. It is important that both the persons involved show commitment towards their relationship. It will be useless if only one person shows commitment while other takes it for granted. When you cross twenty years of age you will understand what a real relationship means. You will understand that just physical attraction is not necessary for you and you are looking for something beyond that which involves affection and mental support. In teens having fun is the only reason you look for love and relationship. If your friend is dating with his girlfriend you too will be insisted to go for a dating making you to search for a girl friend. Such relationships do not last longer it fades away as physical attraction fades.