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What You Have To Do To Get Him Back?

What You Have To Do To Get Him Back?

gallery big Man And Woman FriendshipWhat You Have To Do To Get Him Back?

Do you feel that your relationship is not going very well? Or maybe one of you has decided to end things. Are you wondering if it’s possible to save things?
It is possible if you both agree to certain rules.

1.You must forgive or move past all past wrongs.

This may seem like common sense. If either one of you hold onto resentment and makes the other person feel wrong about what happened even in subtle ways, the relationship can’t move into deeper levels of intimacy.



2.He must be open and honest and listen to what HE did that didn’t work for you.

You must keep this an on going PROCESS in your relationship.

This is something you should continuously work on TOGETHER.

3.YOU must commit to being open and honest and listening to the things YOU did that didn’t work in the relationship for him

You must work on this continuously in your relationship.

4.You must be completely honest with each other from now on.

No withholding for fear of hurting one another.

5.If you get together in a relationship that wasn’t working it HAS to be more about creating a fulfilling life for each other and yourself than it has to be about FIXING the relationship.

If you focus on creating a fulfilling life together rather than being in “fixing mode the relationship becomes healthier.

If you would like to know more about your relationship, why not have a reading with a medium clairvoyant or psychic. Call now on 0207 111 6383


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