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Get Ready For Retirement

Get Ready For Retirement

In the past once you were 65 you received a gold watch and you retired.With better health and people living longer and the prospect of working into our 70s, it has now changed things.

Apparently it seems many of us have decided to pace ourselves into retirement, with a preretirement.

According to a study many of the over 50s are reducing their hours with a view to carrying on in work for a couple more decades.

It found that while the average employee works for 32.2 hours a week, this falls to 30.5 for the over 50s and 20.8 for the over 65s.

The study said that the over 50s were now easing into retirement rather than stopping on a preretirement date.

Preretirement was now common place, as people worked for longer but refused to continue at the same pace.

It’s also apparent that many choose to do a different, or part-time job.

Many cut back their hours so that they can look after their grandchildren.Some may dream about retirement, but many want to keep active, and this may take the form of reducing working hours doing voluntary work, helping friend or relatives, taking up new hobbies or visiting long dreamt of places.

The survey found that one in five aged 50 to 80 do not or did not want to stop working, a quarter intended to reduce the number of working hours they were working while one in ten intended to change careers in the run up to retirement. A further one in ten wanted to set up their own business.

Many want to keep working to improve their lifetime income, but most actually want to work longer.

It is much healthier for people to cut down gradually rather than suddenly stop working altogether and the social norms are starting to change.