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How does your dog know when you’re on your way home, he even knows the time as he sits waiting by the door or window looking for you at the time your due in ?.He seems to know if you are feeling low, ill or in a bad mood. So does your four-legged friend have mystic powers?

There are many stories of dogs that have appeared to predict the future. Some dogs behave as if they can read our minds and they do the most extraordinary things.

There are pets who have made incredible journeys in order to reunite themselves with their owners. So much of what dogs do is baffling to the point of being inexplicable. But can they really be psychic?

Scientists argue that what appears to be a sixth sense is actually a highly enhanced functioning of their senses..

“Dogs live in a different sensory world to us,” explains clinical animal behaviourist Rosie Barclay. “While we perceive the world around us primarily in visual terms, their world is one of scent and hearing.”

Dogs’ hearing is around four times more powerful than ours: they can register sounds on frequencies that humans can’t begin to detect and, if we can hear something 20 feet away, a dog can hear it 80 feet away. With ears that can revolve like satellite dishes, they are also better equipped to discern which direction a sound is coming from.

They can literally hear a pin drop.

But a dog’s hearing is nothing compared to its sense of smell. While the canine brain is only one tenth the size of a human’s, the part that processes smells is 40 times larger. And while we have a mere five million scent glands, dogs have up to 300 million, depending on the breed.

That’s how dogs accomplish feats of perception that seem almost supernatural to our human eyes. It’s also why they are so useful to the forces of law and order, with their ability to detect pieces of explosive the size of a pinhead or tiny components of mobile phones that have been smuggled into prison.

By sniffing another dog’s urine, a dog can establish all sorts of information: how old it is, what sex, and whether they have met.

When a dog goes out in the morning and sniffs the air it can literally tell what’s passed, what’s present, and what’s on its way into its environment.

So dogs really can see into the future – even if only a short distance. They can also tell what the weather is going to do, since they’ll register a slight change in barometric pressure that we humans are blissfully unaware of.

While not quite in the Sherlock Holmes class, their deductive powers are pretty smart. For example, if you often put lipstick on before you go out, the dog will know that you’re intending to leave, or get your suitcase out they know you will soon be off.