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Have You A Most Powerful Intuitive Gift?

Have You A Most Powerful Intuitive Gift?

Have you read any one of my other blogs, regarding your intuitive gifts? Our psychic ability isn’t just one gift, it is really four gifts, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and Clair cognizance.

The odds are, you are capable of developing a couple of those gifts. The probabilities are also certain that you don’t have two of those gifts. Your intuition is going to be difficult and slow to build these gifts. But don’t ignore the gifts you have, it will help to begin your trip of intuitive development and understanding of what you are naturally proficient at.

Think about what gifts you do have.


Clairvoyance ?

Clairvoyance is seeing what will happen in the future.
Would you dream in colour with vivid images?
Whenever you are doing creative work, like creating something and determining the way you want something to appear, do you receive a obvious image inside your mind?
Whenever you close your eyes, are you able to clearly see the object you have selected? For instance, visualise a motorcycle. Are you able to view it in your thoughts?
Would you get visual methods to problems in your thoughts?
Are you currently very creative?
Do you see lights or auras around people whenever you are talking with them?
Do you see things moving on your skills?


Clairaudience is the opportunity to hear your Greater Self, Spirit Guides along with other extra-physical input
Maybe you have heard a voice clearly, and the information has been accurate.
Did you ever hear ringing or buzzing sounds inside your ears?
Would you hear voices upon waking or sleeping?
Would you sometimes hear music playing inside your mind?
Would you awaken each morning having a song inside your mind?
Did you ever hear anything outdoors, individuals, for example whispering, music or voices when there is no-one there?
Would you get words popping to your mind that are relevant.


Clairsentience is intuition by means of emotional input, physical feelings or stomach feelings
Would you ever get tingling sensations in your body?
Do you experience feeling your feelings very deeply?
Are you able to have the feelings of others?
Do you want considerable time alone to recharge your energetic batteries?
Are you currently sensitive and thin-skinned?

Clair cognizance?

Clair cognizance happens when intuitive information just jumps to your mind
Are you currently very analytical and thinking-oriented?
Are you able to be suspicious? Does the mind frequently possess the final say in things?
Would you get a whole lot of ideas apparently from nowhere?
Are you currently psychologically and artistically inspired regularly?
Are you currently proficient at fixing problems and lateral thinking?
Are you currently frequently making subtle presumptions which turn out to be true?
Are you currently looking at people and knowing things without having to be told?
Are you aware that things are likely to happen in advance?
Now accumulate the number of occasions you stated yes to claims in every category. Have you said yes to a number of questions?

Then you might have a psychic ability