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Stuck In A Rut

Stuck In A Rut

It might be a specific area that’s causing you to feel stuck in a rut may be you do not have challenges, and feel that you are not able to actually change anything. Possibly you realise you should do something to get away from the rut, however, you just do not have the energy or motivation anymore. Possibly you’ve attempted to create a change before, but feel nothing is important, so what is the purpose anyway? It is sometimes a better option that a tub of ice-cream or chocolate bar appears an infinitely more reliable and appealing option, how depressing!

Making the change

It’s very simple to identify when we’re feeling situations are failing and think that fixing a problem could make you feel more happy e.g. Basically you could just drop a few pounds. This type of belief will not get you any where . If we go ahead and take the weight example, numerous studies have discovered that being overweight can frequently be associated with comfort eating. We’re feeling unhappy, we eat indulgent foods after which put on weight, making us feel unhappy, we comfort eat after which gain much more weight! The only method to break this vicious loop is to look at our feelings.

Taking Control of the feelings

Are you currently responsible for your emotions or are the feelings responsible for you? For many people, we have seen our feelings as reactive ie my co-worker has been lazy and so I am angry ,our feelings can become slaves to circumstance.
Breaking from a rut requires us to consider responsibility and manage our very own feelings. This does not mean we are able to simply switch certain feelings off and on when needed. Taking responsibility does not mean taking charge. Attempting to control feelings is destructive and usually means you repress instead of process your feelings.

Taking control differs it’s a cumulative procedure for being self-conscious and self-aware. It enables us to change our habitual emotional responses into conscious emotional reactions. It enables us to consider making choices concerning the feelings we concentrate on and also the feelings we forget about. Because essentially, being stuck is just the repetitive concentrate on the same group of negative feelings, rejection, loneliness, isolation, self-loathing, anger, frustration, fear, anxiety, emptiness, restlessness, monotony, indifference.
A number of these feelings often result from our childhood, but because we have not resolved them, we often repeat them over and over, bringing in similar kinds of associations and conditions which will reinforce and validate our negativity.
How do we result in the bust out? The 64 billion dollar question
You will find an array of self-help books, mental studies and whole treatments devoted to supporting individuals to get out of emotional habits and ruts.
However, you will find some simple strategies to enable you to get on course.

Mix Existence Up

Rather than getting out of bed each morning using the usual listing of things you can do, go out into garden instead or somewhere peaceful and merely stop. Take the daily list from your mind and merely interact with your surroundings. This is being active and is really about escaping the daily grind and grounding yourself.

Imagine It

When the current conditions seem like rubbish then imagine another thing. Imagine being before an audience being clapped and cheered after an amazing performance. You are feeling the respect, admiration and heat of feeling from the crowd. This exercise may appear just a little silly, but it is really about involving positive feelings. Positive feelings, like other things you need to grasp in existence, require practice. The greater you practise, the simpler they become.

Get It Done

Make a listing of 5 positive things every day you need to tell people. Write down their responses and just what you felt at that time. You may be surprised about the reactions you receive.