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A Clairvoyant Reading

A Clairvoyant Reading

Get a clairvoyant reading from one of our UK Psychics

A clairvoyant can see into the future by actually seeing events or seeing symbols that she interprets, almost like another language that she has in her mind. She will also have feelings about things too and give you warnings if necessary. For instance get ready a visitor is about to arrive out of the blue! Useful to know though, you can get your duster out.

clairvoyant reading

A crystal ball used for clairvoyant reading.

Some clairvoyants hear the spoken word or hear music etc the clairvoyant is then called clairaudient. It is like they are listening on a phone that tells them what they hear.

Clairsentient is when the clairvoyant is very highly tuned and can sense upsets and emotions and tell you all about relationships that are having problems or any situation that is volatile or where strong emotions are involved.

A clairvoyant can give you a reading on your phone, it is not necessary to see you. Some clairvoyants give you a reading tuning into your voice.

You can have a clairvoyant telephone reading by telephoning the number on our web site and paying by visa or debit card and speaking to our receptionist or using our on line booking form on our site.
You can ring our premium line, where you can pay on your phone bill.

Or if you wish you can text one of our psychics, and get an immediate reply. Or use one of the the other methods to get a full reading with your chosen reader.

All facilities are 24 hours.

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