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Pay As You Go

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Psychic Text Reading

Text "SUN" to 84155

Text replies cost £1.50 each (max 2 replies per question).
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Psychic Readings Online

Getting a professional psychic reading no longer requires traveling to the reader. The psychic has entered the digital age and is now offering many traditional services online.

Psychic Readings Online
Meeting with a psychic online is just as efficient as in person and more cost effective for everyone involved. Avoiding travel and being available at any time to get a reading online gets questions answered and results as fast as possible.

Online Tarot Card Reading
As with psychic reading, tarot card reading is a very personal experience, but also one that does not have to be done in person. The cards will fall the same whether you come to us in person or online, so having them read online will not change your results, but only makes the reading more convenient to you.

Going to an online psychic to receive a reading will not change anything except be more convenient and quick with your results any time, day or night.

Clairvoyant means clear seeing.  Psychics that utilize this skill have the ability to see images or visions that are related to the individual’s life.  Clairvoyants can tap into the energy system of the client and see the past, present, and future. The modern understanding of the word psychic is often synonymous for clairvoyant.